Linszter Datalog v2 for Android™

The Linszter Datalog is the second version of the old Honda Datalog for Android™ application. It requires a Honda OBD1 Eprom modified ECU with J12 jumper removed, and tuned with Crome (Normal[QD2] or Gold[QD3]) or eCtune software. The application is not compatible with the Stock ECU at the moment. You can find several articles for chipping the Honda OBD1 or find a local tuner. It also requires a properly configured TTL-Bluetooth adapter, which is connected to the CN2 port on the ECU. (OBD0 (Stock, TurboEdit, BRE), Stock OBD1 and OBD2 ECU support is work in progress.)

– Supported MAP Sensors:
Motorola 2.5BAR
Omnipower 3Bar
Omnipower 4Bar

– Supported Wideband O2 Sensors:
Stock (Voltage display)
Innovate LC-1
Custom Settings (min-max V/min-max AFR)

– Metric and Imperial Units
– Shiftlight
– 4 display (http://www.grafixautozine.pl/)
– Log to CSV file
– Log viewer
– Video recording (Video recording and logging same time. You can use RaceRender2, to make overlayed gauges on the video)
– GPS and G sensor logging
Summary file logging:
– Elapsed time
– Distance
– 0-100kmh (0-62mph) time
– 0-402m (1/4 mile) time
– Highest rpm, speed, boost
– Average rpm, speed

Upload and store best 0-62mph, 1/4mile and top speed online. (http://www.linszter.net/linszterdatalog)



Video and log recorded with the Linszter Datalog v2. Rendered with RaceRender2

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  5. […] Originally Posted by tony_2018 I recall someone made a bluetooth adapter for obd1 but you still need to solder to some contact points. I'm not sure what else is needed for datalogging like temps, rpms, and whatnot but he was able to get it working over bluetooth. Let me see if I can google it again. edit: damn its for chipped obd1 ecu's…but I'll link you if you're interested. Linszter Datalog v2 for Android? | Linszter.net […]

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